Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IT as a career opportunities

IT as a career opportunities 

A few years back engineering graduates could think of nothing but IT as a career. It had mega benefits, it recruite everyone, the pay was high. Now, recession having taken its toll, the scene is a bit calmer than before but nevertheless with Indian economy booming in the face of recession and IT companies once again seeing green, it is still a great career option in India.

IT or Information technolgy mostly includes computer related software work. Most IT companies recruit engineering graduates and train them with the company's individual training program.One can go for an ITcareer even after doing a BCA(bachelor in computer applications) and MCA(master in computer applications)or a BCS(bachelor of computer science) and MCS(master of computer science). The work includes developing softwares, checking them for flaws and implementing them.

Graduates have a varied opinion about IT as a career. Some of them consider it a very interesting and high paying job where as others consider it a boring desk job with long working hours. The older generation generally does not like the IT field considering the hectic working schedule.

But one thing to keep in mind is that those who have an analytical mind writing softwares is a very interesting job. On top of that IT companies have high expectations in meeting demands in time. It is a highly challenging job. Yes, the working are long, but that is only when there is a target to be achieved in short time. There are also times when there is liesurely work in the office.

Perhaps the best part of an IT job is that IT companies send their employees for training to USA or UK from time to time. The employees can not only train there but also look for better career prospects abroad.Inshort, this field is for you if you are----

   Analytical and love solving problems
   Like giving better and easier solutions to problems thanexisting
   Do not mind working for long hours when required

However, if you do not like desk jobs or if you cannot bear odd working hours then this field will probably disappoint you.

But regardless of you have it in you for this field or not it is one of the largest service providers to engineering graduates today and it offers a very safe career option with great  future prospects. 

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