Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Career Options after BTech

Best Career Options after B Tech (Bachelor of Technology Course)

Perhaps the product that India is mass producing at the highest rate is BTech graduates whom we fondly call engineers. Though related to only engineering jobs in the past, the things are now changing. Engineers now handle all sorts of job including management, accounts, production, computers, IT. etc, Here are a few options to consider.

IT(Information Technology): With the recession slowly going away IT is once more a good career option. The campus placements in engineering colleges include a host of IT companies recruiting graduates from all faculty. The work includes computer softwares and the graduates have to undergo a training before starting the job as a programmer. The salary is very good though the working hours may be a bit erratic.

Computer Hardware: A number of computer companies recruit graduates from all faculties, though they select a major chunk of computer engineers. The job includes computer hardware and graduates from other faculty have to undergo training before starting the job.The salary is good with normal working hours with increased work load during stress period.

Management and Finance: An MBA is now what everyone seems to be doing. It offers an easy job option. An MBA can be done after completing BTech from any faculty. It allows an engineer to work as a manger, or as a finance in banks, or as an HR professional for companies. This offers a wide range of good salaries but work schedule is hectic.

Core work: If an engineer does not want to change his field of work and study, he can choose to work for companies in his field.

 Mechanical- Cement industry
 Heavy metal industry
 Nuclear industry
 Maintenance in- Pharmaceutical industry
 Any production industry

Civil: The real estate arena is booming now in India and abroad. A civil engineer may find a job in any of the companies.
Others like electrical and electronics engineers can find field related jobs in almost all indutries today.

Research: Engineers can do research work in their own fields. This not only provides a well established career option, it is also the need of the hour. Engineering research can contribute to a lot of industries. for example control pollution, renewable sources of energy etc.

Other specific career options

Automobile industry: A master degree in automobile engineering.(only for mechanical engineers)
Aeronautical engineering
Merchant navy (only for mechanical and marine engineers)

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Anonymous said...

what is better 4 a EEE student to do after doing his b tech.
he shud go 4 core jobs or 4 software jobs......?

and also what are the different core jobs available 4 EEE students?

swati said...

I am a student of biotechnology.....whether i should go 4 software job or some other jobs....plz guide I'm not interested in research field.....

dinesh nair said...

what is growyh of IT companies and core industry (eee) fpr upcoming years

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