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Best Career Options after MBA

Best Career Options after MBA

An MBA opens a wide range of career options to choose from.However the options are highly dependent on the particular discipline of the MBA course and the college. Better options are available for students of prestigious institutes like the IIMs, XLRI etc.

The major career options include
Finance: The most common and widespread discipline is finance. It also most stable career options.The Industries which recruit include banks, investment corporations, life insurance corporations etc.The job includes financial management and financial growth assessment of the company and the basic day to day finances of a financial corporations. The work schedule is heavy but the pay is extremely good. Career prospects include working abroad for for foreign companies.

Management: Second only to finance or perhaps equal in popularity this discipline provides career options as managers in all sorts of firms. MBA graduates from good institutes are selected by big Indian companies and multi national companies. The work includes total management of the firm including finance, production, maintenance etc. The promotion prospects are very bright with chances of reaching the top of the ladder in a  company. The salary is very good.

Human resources: Companies need to hire people for it to work. HR associates help the companies in recruiting people it needs. The job includes interviewing and going through biodata of applicants etc. The salary is good.

Public relations: All firms require to have an employee who handles it public relations. It is a very important job and includes management of top level to have a good working relation of the company with its clients, certification bodies, civic bodies and the public in general.
The salary is very good.

Other career options include

Agri-management: Agricultural management. Foreign companies operating in India offer good salary.

Public management and policy
Executive management

Research in management: Though this is not a very popular option in India, and none of the Indian institutes offer any courses in DBA(doctor in business administration), the career options are immense abroad.Foreign institutes in USA and UK offer such courses.

Starting ones own venture: An increasing number of MBA students are starting their own business ventures these days. These range from simple cake shops to complex financial operations.
It is increasingly becoming a great career option for MBA pass outs.

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