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CAT Sample Papers Online Demo Mock Tests

CAT Sample Papers Online Demo Online Mock Tests

Common Admission Test (CAT) Online Sample Papers Mock Test Demo

Now students can apply for either Online CAT and Offline CAT. Students who wish to apply for CAT should go through Online sample papers. mock papers, demo, previous years question papers (if any) for better preparation.  There are many websites which offers free online sample papers, test materials, demo, study materials etc.

Here are some of the websites which offers study materials for CAT Exam. 

IMS India:
IMS offers free sample papers cat demo test of all CAT test sections. The test consists of 15 question for each sections of CAT test like Problem Solving, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.

Career Launcher:
Career Launcher offers online demo cate test which consists of ten questions on CAT Sections like Verbal Ability Test, Quantitative Ability Test, Data Interpretation Test.

This site offers free online cat test, demo, mock test, sample papers. The consists of seventy five questions to be completed in 150 minutes.

Career Forum:
In Career Forum students can find free online CAT Test sample paper mock test of 25 questions in three CAT sections like  Quantitative Ability (QA), Data Interpretation & Reasoning Ability and Verbal Ability (VA).

Mindinsight :
Offers 90 questions in three cat sections like Quantitative Ability (QA), Data Interpretation & Reasoning Ability and Verbal Ability (VA).
This site has good collection of Online CAT Demo
Offers demo test for aspiring Students.

There are many other websites which offer free sample papers/demo test/mock test etc.

Here are some of them:

CAT Online tips Here
Online Tests Here provides free daily sectional test to their user
CAT Mock Test Preparation Here

About CAT conducted by IIM

      CAT or Common Admission Test is conducted by Indian Institute of management as an entrance exam every year for those who wish to continue their study at IIMs. As all IIMs are top in the list of best management colleges in India, for 1500 seats, about 250,000 students apply. Out of these 250,000, those who are achieving high grades in exams get admission in IIM and that too through many choice rounds.

      The test is conducted in MCQS format i.e. in multiple choice questions format, in which an applicant has to select any one answer out of four for each question. In exam IIM use negative marking schemes that means if your answer is wrong then your mark will get deducted by 0.25. The exam is conducted on third Sunday in every November each year. Total number of question varies every year, so it is not fixed that how many questions will be asked in this exam. In year 2000, 180 questions were asked, in year 2001 to 2003 and in 2009, 90questions were asked.

      The paper is basically divided into three section and these three sections contains questions about subjects like English language skills, data interpretation, logical reasoning, quizzes, arithmetic and logical problems, geometry and statistics. Even though it is a hardest and prestigious exam, it is also prone to mistakes. In year 2003, exam papers were leaked and therefore a re-exam was taken in February of next year. In 2006, an exam paper was misprinted; IIM accepted its mistake and set a committee to take stringent action.

      IIM tried to take exam online in year 2009, but exam did not go well as scheduled due to many reasons. At some exam centre due to server crash, candidates were unable to login. After that there was virus attack on site. And many students were unable to give exam even after logging in due to technical reasons such as blank screen, computer problems etc. For those students who were failed to give exam, rescheduled exam was arranged on 30th and 31th January. Many people criticized IIM for taking online exam, but education ministry declared that all CAT exams from this year will be taken online.

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