Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bangalore University BEd Results B.Ed Exam 1st Year Results

Bangalore University B.Ed Results 2010 Bangalore University BEd Results 2010  Bangalore University BEd Exam Results 2010  

BU BEd 1st Year Results 2010

Bangalore University B.Ed. 1st Year Examination Results 2010

Bangalore University BEd 1st Year Exam Results Click Here

About Bangalore University (BU)

Bangalore University (BU) is a public university located in Bangalore, Karnataka State, India. The university is one of the oldest in India, dating as far back as 1886, and is renowned as one of the leading major universities in India. The university is a part of The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and nears the status of "Potential for Excellence" which is reserved for the top 10 universities in India under the Guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

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basavaraju said...

why this university taken this much of time i dont know,every bangalore b.ed students waiting for the results still we didnt get the results why? why u people doing like this? give us the proper reason plz.


The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
Bangalore University,
Jnana Bharti
Bangalore-560 056

Respected sir,

Subject: Regarding 2nd Semester BE.d result

Sir, We ware students of 2009-10/ academic year (B.Ed) of Bangalore University, our result has come by 23 February 2010, but still we are not get the result. Because from university held up our result. Whatever the issue related to college and university Students are not responsible for any issue. We are given all documents like lesson plan, critical lesson plan, practical plan, test and assignments to the college,.

Sir, we are came from very poor family and some were came from villages. We written the CET and got the admission from government under Bangalore University. We don’t know what reason behind this college. But also we are given all the documents whatever university wants. Sir we are facing lots of problems and mental got tension because of this results. And parents also forcing us why they are held up the result, and lots of pressure we are facing. For the study purpose we have spend lots of our parent’s money.

Sir,We have last re-evaluation date also, Even Exam date also going but we have given the examination fees to the university, we have given the practice teaching according to the university wise. Please don’t give the punishment to the students. Whatever the issue is related to college please ask to principal and management. We are obedient students. we have done the all formalities. So please we are requesting to you please give the result as soon as possible. Because it is students futures. So please don’t spoil the student’s life because of other issues.

So we are requesting once again, please give the results as soon as possible. Still we have hopes on you. You came give results .



Anonymous said...

pls announce the result shortly ,v are fed up of waiting for the results

syedf767 said...

When you are Giving 2nd sem B.Ed Results... Please Let us know!!!!
Thank you

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