Friday, April 30, 2010

ONGC GT Exam Sample Papers Exam Pattern Books

ONGC GT Exam Sample Papers Exam Pattern Books

Candidates are advised to prepare in advance for the ONGC Graduate Trainee (GT) Examination. You can go through the sample papers, previous years question papers, Interview Papers etc. and also study books for complete preparation for the ONGC GT Exam.

ONGC Graduate Trainee (GT) Examination notification do not mention anything about exam pattern. Here are some possibilities:

General Awareness:
Objective type : total 50 questions which carry 40 marks
Descriptive type : total 2 questions which carry 10 marks

Subject Specialization:
Objective type : total 75 questions which carry 90 marks
Descriptive type  total 2 questions which carry 10 marks

You should put more emphasis on Specialization subject paper as it has has twice weightage as compared to General Awareness paper.
You have to attempt 40 out of 50 questions in objective papers and 60 out of 75 questions in Specialization subject paper objective section. So you have more option in objective section.

ONGC Graduate Trainee (GT) Exam Sample Papers: Below are some sample papers which may help you to prepare for the ONGC EXam.

1) has some good sample papers, Here it is
2) has some sample papers, here it is
About sample papers will help you understand thet type of possible exam questions.

Fo General Awareness Papers, Compettitin Master has good number of papers
Here it is

ONGC Interview questions: ONGC Interview papers, some help  

Hope above information will help you in the real exam. I will try to update this page with more sample papers etc.

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Anonymous said...

thank you sir for the information. it was really helpful.
can you update it with computer science question paper..

Anonymous said...

i guess paper pattern is being changed, kindly update it accordingly..

Anonymous said...

sir please provide some knowledge about the computer science question paper and how to prepare for the exam

ashim said...

will you plz post some tips about finance question paper.

Anonymous said...

can you provide the name of some good book to clear the general awareness section plzzzzzzzzz.

Anonymous said...

Wil u plz post computer science syllabus for test

swati said...

Sir is there negative marking???
plz give some idea about marking schem... and information abt instrumentation engg paper???

Anonymous said...

the information given by you is very useful.....thank you...
please could you pls tell me if their is any negetive marking...

Anonymous said...

sir,pls update with some finance & A/cs paper related information.

Anonymous said...

pls update with some finance & a/cs paper related information...

dharitri said...

sir,please send me recuitment question paper for the post of assistant technician(electronics)in ongc in my id

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