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Group D Posts RRC North Eastern Railway NER Recruitment 2010

Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) North Eastern Railway Group D Posts Recruitment 2010 Form
HOW TO APPLY:- 6.1 Candidate should carefully read the instructions in this Employment Notice for filling up Application Form. 6.2 Application should be made on a good quality white paper of A4 size (210mm x 297mm) using ONE SIDE ONLY. 6.3 The candidate should use the FORMAT published in the Employment Notice. Application having any change in the format will be rejected. 6.4 The candidates have to fill up required information with Blue/Black Gel Pen/Ball Point Pen in his/her own handwriting. 6.5 The application should be written either in English or Hindi and not in any other language. The application has to be duly 
dated and signed by the candidate. Application filled in any language other than Hindi/English and by any person other than the applicant will be rejected summarily, even if, it is detected at a subsequent stage of the recruitment. 6.6 Candidate should mention “Application for Group ‘D’ posts – North Eastern Railway” on the top of the envelope containing the application. Each cover should contain one application only. In case more than one application is sent in one cover, all such applications will be rejected. 6.7 The candidate should send application duly filled in along with required documents by POST, so as to reach RRC/NER office within the closing date positively.Application received after due date, for any reason whatsoever, will not be considered. 6.8 Candidates who have been debarred from appearing in any of the Railway Recruitment Board Examination need not apply unless their debarration period expires by the Closing date. 6.9 Specific details, as required, may be filled in the Application Form. 6.10 Candidates are required to copy the following Para (Declaration), in his/her own handwriting, in space provided in the Application Form “I hereby declare that all the particulars given above by me are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am aware that in the event of any information furnished by me is found false / incorrect at any stage, my candidature will be rejected summarily and I am also liable for criminal action. I will abide by the instructions given in the notification.”. 6.11 Put signature and date in application form . Signature of the applicant must be specific so that the same may not be copied easily. Signature in capital letters or open letters will not be accepted and the applications having such type of signatures will be rejected summarily. 

6.12 Put signature, place and date of filling up of application at the bottom of the Application Form at the assigned place. 6.13. Candidates should write his/her name (in column No.1), father’s/husband’s name (in column no.2) in capital letters as given in Class-10th certificate. Each letter should be filled in one box as shown below. One box should be left blank between each part of the name.

Note:- Please do not prefix Shri/Smt/Km/Late before the Candidate/Father/Husband’s Name 6.14 In column no. 9 candidate should write his/her date of birth in digits beginning with date, month and year with one digit in each box. If any of these figures is single digit prefix zero to make it double digit, for example-if a candidate is born on 6th July, 1981, he/she should write 06 under DD, 07 under MM and 1981 under YY. 6.15 In column No. 5, please fill-up in appropriate Box (Male/Female). In Column No.11, the candidate should write their community in the appropriate Box and enclose a valid self attested copy of the caste certificate, if applicable. 

6.16 Candidtes should write Correspondence Address in Column No.4. Correspondence Address should be written in block letters. It should be legible, complete and with PIN number. The dimension of this column in 8 cm x 4 cm. The same should not be changed, otherwise, address on scanning would become illegible and it is likely the correspondence may get misplaced in transit 6.17 In column No.10, the physically handicapped (PH) candidate should write in the appropriate box for their type of disability. 6.18 The facility of scribe is admissible to only those VH candidates who really required the assistance. 6.19 In column No.7, candidate should indicate his/her religion.

For Application Form Download and complete details visit notification here 

About Indian Railways: 
Indian Railways is the state-owned railway company of India, which owns and operates most of the country's rail transport. It is overseen by the Ministry of Railways of the Government of India.

Recruitment and training:
WDM-3A diesel passenger and freight locomotive of Indian Railways at Shantiniketan, India With approximately 1.6 million employees, Indian Railways is the country's single largest employer. Staff are classified into gazetted (Group A and B) and non-gazetted (Group C and D) employees. The recruitment of Group A gazetted employees is carried out by the Union Public Service Commission through exams conducted by it. The recruitment to Group 'C' and 'D' employees on the Indian Railways is done through 19 Railway Recruitment Boards which are controlled by the Railway Recruitment Control Board (RRCB). The training of all cadres is entrusted and shared between six centralised training institutes.

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